Online Radio Company - Automate Deployments Through DevOps Engineering


The client was a famous online radio company streaming content to online users around the globe. As part of the digital transformation, they moved the infrastructure to the Azure cloud and automated the DevOps processes.

  • Moved the entire infrastructure in one go from a private data center to a cloud to effectively tackled the workloads and reduce downtime for their high-volume streaming platform.
  • Utilized the full potential of Azure cloud and automated the deployments with minimal downtime while continuously providing online content to the end-users without disruption of service.
  • Developed a solution to accomplish continuous testing, integration, delivery, and monitoring to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Implemented continuous testing to quickly find and fix bugs as new features were added every month. As a result, sprint times were reduced to as low as 15 days.
  • Provisioned continuous integration tools to automate the pipelines to create fast, secure, and production-ready builds.
  • Designed continuous delivery to automate deployments in Azure cloud across multiple regions to reduce deployment latency and handle frequent deployments.
  • Continuous monitoring was placed to secure the application and ensure the application was available 24/7.
  • The client’s complete infrastructure was provisioned in Azure cloud across multiple regions to ensure the application’s high availability and elasticity. Automated the entire workload using CI/CD pipelines making deployments faster and driving app development according to trending market needs.
  • A team of 4+ Certified Cloud engineers was engaged to build and automate workloads in Azure using the best tools and practices that DevOps has on offer, providing exceptional 24/7 support to maintain client necessities.
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