Kiwi Dials - iOS/Android app to measure employee engagement for teams

Kiwi Dials, a design-led company for which users and customers are at the center of every decision made, without any compromise. Whether it is a project handling team looking for an effective way to measure team performance, project success, team health, or an organization looking for better data insights into employee engagement, Kiwi Dials know nothing less than ‘excellent’ in the products that are used.


Kiwi Dials had the grand vision of improving the organization’s employee health by capturing various metrics from the employees. They needed the app to support all the mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). The user base for this app would be in the order of millions and the architecture needed to support the sudden increase of load. While all these expectations are normal, the customer was heavily constrained by the budget to realize the vision.


Quality and budget go hand in hand! The major challenge we ran across with this assignment was the financial constraint of our customer. As a company, we do not compromise on quality even if the required funding is not available. Under these circumstances, the team spent a reasonable amount of time brainstorming ideas. Wallero came up with a good mix of onshore and offshore models and made weekly sprints to ensure the model worked so the product could be built within the budget. After the initial 2-3 weeks, there was no looking back. This was one of the projects that was built most economically using an onshore-offshore global delivery model without any compromise to the quality of the product.

Value provided by Wallero
  • Delivered the solution within customer budget.
  • Built the app with a device-agnostic platform to run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Worked very tightly on a weekly AGILE cycle to avoid any unexpected outcomes. It also helped to provide early previews to the customer.
  • Xamarin
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • .NET
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Application Insights
  • Power BI
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