ISV Provider - Data Replication Across Regions Using Azure Kubernetes Services


Customer was a large ISV provider in the healthcare industry, with thousands of customers and employees spreading globally. They wanted a reliable solution for hosting their business-critical applications for high availability, security, and scalability.

  • The client had an existing set of applications developed using legacy architecture and wanted to move them to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).
  • The AKS solution was not designed and tested by the client. Instead, they assumed that it would work seamlessly.
  • The client implemented redundancy in a traditional monolithic application way through data replication.
  • The mission-critical applications needed failover capabilities in the AKS environment, but the database systems were not designed to support the failover in the AKS environment.
  • The client had hard dates to go live due to business priorities, and the dates are non-negotiable.
  • Collaborated closely with Microsoft and database product teams to come up with a robust solution.
  • Customized the configuration to create data replication across Kubernetes clusters to replicate work across regions.
  • Wallero automated the scripts for internal monitoring of data replication. This allowed the failover to happen automatically under faulty conditions.
  • Application traffic monitoring was configured to track the health of the Kubernetes environment. It automatically switched the traffic to the secondary Kubernetes clusters in case of the primary cluster failure.
  • Found the solution and configured the Azure Kubernetes platform to enable the migration for their mission-critical applications.
  • Mission-critical services were running in a highly available environment meeting the uptime and business continuity requirements.
  • Dramatically improved the scalability and reliability of the overall platform.
  • Almost impossible timelines were met.
  • We offered the overall solution and support at a very cost-effective model.
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