Intelligent InSites - Using advisory services and location-based intelligence solutions to improve healthcare operations.

Intelligent InSites is company that improved healthcare operations by partnering with medical management systems. The goal was to improve key performance metrics with their advisory services and integrated, location-based intelligence solutions. InSites helps healthcare providers serve their communities better and improve CSAT with real-time location monitoring and throughput optimization solutions–. In addition, the analytics provide continuous improvement in each deployed location.


Intelligent InSites signed up with their clients to deliver BI solutions in a fixed timeline. However, the shortage of resources and constraints on budget posed challenges with on-time delivery. In addition, the Intelligent InSites engineering team was located in Fargo, and their exposure to working with staff augmentation and the remote arrangement was something they had not tried earlier.


Wallero stepped-in to help build the extended engineering arm for InSites to assist in co-creating customer value. We put together a 12-member team with 3 onshore and 9 offshore resources in BI, Test and Build automation.

Value provided by Wallero
  • The team quickly ramped up on the Intelligent InSites domain and established a healthy rapport with business (resources from India visited Fargo to enhance collaboration further).
  • Met the aggressive timelines promised to InSites customers – both on technology migration & QA for quality delivery.
  • We improved product quality by identifying open ends/failure points in a time-bound fashion on an array of modules – also driving the proper fixes through dialogue.
  • Helped develop a regression suite & integration test framework, enabling rapid delivery of customer value – all during a dynamic business scenario—recommended performance improvements at each step of the data flow for large deployments.
  • Wallero provided design & architecture recommendations for high-performance ETL & BI reporting.
  • The onshore/offshore model kept the costs low.
  • .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SSAS
  • Panorama Necto
  • PowerShell
  • VSTF
  • Azure
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