Healthcare Organization - Cloud Assessment, Migration and Infrastructure Management


A huge healthcare organization with thousands of applications sought a Cloud partner with experience in Data Centers and Cloud Environment. Their goal was to migrate their high-scale platform to the cloud.

  • Management and maintenance of on-premises Data Center.
  • Need for 24/7 team, high power usage, and security challenges.
  • Significant capital investments in hardware infrastructure.
  • Many services had a single-points-of failure.
  • A large number of team members for managing the environment.
  • Cloud assessment and discovery.
  • Migration of company workloads to public cloud by the best practices.
  • Moved the 24/7 IT support team to application support.
  • Introduced the Pay-As-You-Go model for cloud services.
  • Optimized the budget by avoiding hardware maintenance with the help of the Pay-As-You-Go model.
  • The application support team’s overall capacity increased after the migration.
  • High availability in the cloud as opposed to the on-premises environment.
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