Government Agency - VDI Solution for a Government Agency


The customer was a US State government agency that needed to provide remote access to a set of applications for more than 3,000 new hires. The State was looking for a rapid, cost-effective solution with Enterprise-grade Security, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery.

  • The solution, deployment, testing, and production deployment had to be completed within two weeks.
  • VDI environment had to be optimized for specific applications, e.g., PBS apps.
  • The customer needed the solution to support different endpoint devices, including Windows, Linux, Android computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Customers required role-based user access to the applications. Multiple groups of users needed access to a predefined set of applications.
  • The users need to be blocked from reaching external URLs, except the approved ones in the list.
  • We chose Microsoft Azure WVD after reviewing the requirements and performing a cost analysis.
  • Based on the workload analysis and estimation, optimal types of VMs were selected for virtual desktops. Microsoft provided best practices, guidance, and materials for that estimation.
  • We created scripts for managing users and propagating changes from Active Directory to Azure WVD. The scripts also supported the mass management of the users.
  • Windows AppLocker was configured to deny unapproved applications from running.
  • The solution has met the customer’s rigorous requirements of high availability and reliability.
  • Significantly reduced the cost compared to the traditional approach.
  • Security on platforms and applications has surpassed customers’ expectations.
  • The customer had control over the Azure WVD users from centralized Azure AD.
  • Extremely difficult timelines were efficiently met.
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