Storage Solutions


Cloud storage is a convenient service that allows users to store their data by transmitting it over the Internet or another network to an offsite storage system maintained by a third-party provider. The realm of cloud storage encompasses a wide array of options, with hundreds of different systems available to choose from. Individuals often use cloud storage to safeguard and back up their emails, photos, videos, and personal files.


On the other hand, businesses can leverage enterprise cloud storage as a robust, commercially supported remote backup solution, enabling them to securely transfer and store data files or share them between various locations. This versatility in cloud storage solutions offers both individuals and enterprises a flexible and reliable way to manage their digital assets.

Cloud storage models

Storage systems are typically scalable to suit an individual’s or organization’s data storage needs, accessible from any location, and are application-agnostic for accessibility from any device. Businesses can select from three main models:

  • A public cloud storage service that is suitable for unstructured data.
  • A private cloud storage service that can be protected behind a company firewall for more control over data.
  • A hybrid cloud storage service that blends public and private cloud services for increased flexibility.
  • Use cases

    There is a wide range of use cases of Cloud Storage Solutions:


  • Storage for virtual machines or Kubernetes clusters
  • Data Lakes
  • High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning
  • Massively scalable and secure data lake for your high-performance analytics workloads
  • Enterprise file storage
  • etc.
    Whatever the use case is, Wallero is ready to provide the most suitable one for your business.

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