We know that security is the job in the cloud and how important it is to find accurate and timely information about Azure security. One of the best reasons to use Azure for your applications and services is to take advantage of its wide array of security tools and capabilities. These tools and capabilities help make it possible to create secure solutions on the secure Azure platform. In addition, Microsoft Azure provides confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data while also enabling transparent accountability.

Cyber Security

The assessment is intended to help enterprises think through various operational security considerations (shared responsibility model of cloud hosting) as they deploy sophisticated enterprise applications. This engagement can also be used to help you build a secure cloud migration and operation strategy for your organization. We highly recommend these operational and strategic considerations for your existing and new application deployments on Azure. Some of our key areas of focus are:


  • Security Roles & Access Controls
  • Data Collection & Storage
  • Security Policies & Recommendations
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Ongoing Security Monitoring
  • Azure Security Center Configurations
  • Developer Operations (DevOps)
  • Office 365 Security Configuration & Hardening (O365)
  • Planning

    Cybersecurity Audit Framework Covers:


  • Overview of Systems and Applications
  • Information Security Policy & Supporting Standards
  • Organization of Information Security
  • Logical Access Control
  • Operations Management
  • Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance
  • Physical Security
  • Implementation

    Assessment Report :


  • Staff Training
  • Customized Policies and Procedures
  • Remediation Plans
  • Take the next step

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