Achieving Efficient Deployment and Rollback Strategies with a Generalized DevOps CI/CD Solution

Author - Bhargav Gunisetty (Sr. Cloud Engineer) and Manikanta Bheemshetty (Sr. Cloud Engineer).

In this blog, we will explore the scenario where we implemented the DevOps CI/CD generalized solution along with the challenges involved. Also, the strategies we followed for successful adoption. Software engineering has several stages which include tasks such as code compilation, testing, deployment of software to various environments, and infrastructure provisioning. […]

Best Practices for Building a Generic Telemetry Solution Using Grafana

Author - Max Khluptsov (Cloud Engineer).

In today’s world of software development, many organizations develop and maintain a large number of applications running on cloud platforms like Azure. It is crucial to have an efficient mechanism for collecting and analyzing the performance and status data of these applications. In this blog, we will explore the generic Telemetry […]

Automating for the Monitoring and Alerting Deployment: The Power of Automation   

Author - Rodion Rodionov (Cloud Engineer).

Effective monitoring of cloud resources in a visually intuitive manner is imperative for organizations managing numerous projects. The visual data gives a gist of everything in a nutshell to the senior leadership team. The ability to conveniently assess the status of these resources is essential. Prompts and timely notifications regarding any […]

Leveraging Data Democracy for Supply Chain Optimization

Author - Sai Sri Harsha Yada (Sr. Technical Lead).

Data Democracy in Supply Chain Management Data democracy involves making data widely accessible and available to a broad range of individuals within organizations or society. It aims to eliminate barriers and empower people to access, analyze, and utilize data for informed decision-making. By promoting open access to data, data democracy enables […]

Enhancing Business Performance with Design Systems

Author - Hailey Tran (UX Head).

At Wallero, we have developed and implemented many comprehensive design systems for specific clients. One such customer was a world-class pharmaceutical company They struggled to maintain Scalability, Consistency, and Efficiency across their many design projects. They needed to streamline and standardize their design process while focusing on keeping it user-centered design. […]

Benefits of Using Predictive Analysis in Supply Chain Management

Author - Sundara Krishnan Yamijala (Delivery Manager).

Using AI/ML in Supply Chain A Wallero customer had difficulty keeping track of their product shipments. Before the goods were transported in the consignment, the quality inspection team would inspect the batches manually. This effort by the field workers made it difficult to keep track of the consignment and consolidate the […]

Modernized and Innovative User Experience Strategies for Established Businesses

Author - Aniket Dhok (UX Lead).

Change is inevitable, especially in today’s fast-paced world, rather it is unavoidable. Working with one of the biggest organizations in the world taught us that even those entities that are well-established need to evolve to accommodate contemporary methods of streamlining procedures.  Every business comes with its own set of unique challenges […]